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What is this site and who are we ?

We are KSEC, Cyber Security is key to the world more than most know.

That’s why we’ve created the KSEC ARK (Previously KCSEC). ARK Stands for “Assurance Resources & Knowledge-base”. Assurance is a fancy word for the Cyber Security department or pentester (Penetration Tester). KSEC ARK maintains and hosts, free, open-source tools and information to help guide, train and improve any security researcher, pentester or organisation. The aim to create a more secure, security oriented world.

This site is a collection of findings, guides or just general info for people to read & learn and hopefully take inspiration.

Find out more about KSEC at www.ksec.co.uk

Why this site ?

Unfortunately at the moment many only invest in security after its too late. By changing the mindset of people with the view of security, it’s one step in the right direction.

We have all learn a lot from what we’ve found online so it’s time to give something back for others to learn from.

Site notes

There is a contact email with PGP key support for you to ask for suggestion Posts and improvements.

[email protected]


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We also have a Facebook page so you can get instant updates about the posts on this site as well as discuss with others new topics or ideas for KCSEC.



Check out our repositories for our own KSEC Tools and recommended forked repos.


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