Dangerous Things - Different Implants

xEM RFID Tag [T5577 Emulator]


The xEM is a great starter tag for people just getting into RFID projects. It is compatible with many inexpensive OEM and commercial 125kHz readers and stand-alone access controllers. DAEXT

xBT Temp Sensing RFID Tag [BioTherm]


The xBT reports a simple ID number which works with any FDX-B tag reader, and can also transmit temperature sensor data to a compatible Bio-Thermo reader. DAEXT

xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]


The xNT tag was designed by Dangerous Things and production of it was successfully crowd funded via an Indiegogo campaign. The xNT can be read and written to by many types of ISO14443A based RFID systems, and all NFC compliant reader/writer devices including USB devices and all NFC capable mobile phones. DAEXT

flexNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]


The flexNT is a flexible biopolymer treated inlay carrying the NTAG216 chip (the same chip as the xNT), which is approximately 8mm wide by 22mm long. These devices are small-batch manufactured by hand in our lab, so not every flexNT will be uniform size. They are shipped in small sealed plastic tubes with chlorhexidine solution. DAEXT

flexDF [DESFire EV1 8k] BETA


The flexDF is one of the next generation, high performance, RFID and NFC compliant transponders. The flexDF is coated in USP Class VI, ISO 10993 tested biopolymer which gives it an extremely thin profile and semi-flexible structure suitable for installation just about anywhere. DAEXT



Amal Graafstra, founder of biohacking company Dangerous Things, recognized that identity and the issues surrounding establishing, managing, validating, and protecting identity are currently a huge mess. Your biological self and the collection of accounts, services, messages, transactions, and records which make up your digital identity exist as two identities, which are only loosely coupled by vulnerable account passwords and impractical or interceptable technologies. So, he launched Project UKI (/yoo key/) to change that, which eventually became VivoKey. You can be you (and nobody else can), anywhere, all the time. You + VivoKey means your biological and digital identities can be cryptographically merged, ensuring the one true you is the only you using your devices, sending your messages, reading your email, accessing your accounts, opening your doors, driving your vehicles, and spending your money.

Fidesmo is a multi-application platform with the goal of replacing every card in your wallet and key in your pocket with a single device. By partnering with Fidesmo, VivoKey is empowered by an ever growing ecosystem of powerful applications and partnerships. As more partners begin to publish their applications through Fidesmo, the power of VivoKey will grow right along with Fidesmo. What’s more, developers are welcome to create and deploy their own applications through an easy to use API.

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